Karl's Corner - 08/22/2002

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08/22/02 make the white queen run so fast

...today we packed our bags and went on what is ordinarily a 1 hour drive to Reading. Due to the fact that 50,000 people were pouring into the town for the festival, however, it took quite a bit longer...3 1/2 hours. We settled in at the hotel, found a cool olde pub to eat at, and then wandered around, mingling with the Reading faithful. Ocassionally a weez fan would emerge from the boombox, sleeping bag and case-of-beer carrying festival goers and say whats up? This whole scene is pretty amazing, and goes off pretty hitch-free year after year. Tomorrow we'll cruise onto the festival grounds proper and there will be a rediculous amount of rock going on. The Reading portion of the Reading/Leeds festival is sold out! 50,000 tickets, all in the hands of the stoked fans of a massive grouping of bands...