Karl's Corner - 08/30/2002

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08/30/02 On we sweep with threshing oar, Our only goal will be the western shore

Keep Fishin' report:
The international and UK commercial singles for Keep Fishin' come out in just 3 days, on September 2!

International CD SINGLE
1) Keep Fishin (Album Version)
2) Photograph (Live Version)

International CD MAXI (UK Maxi Single #1)
1) Keep Fishin (Album Version)
2) Photograph (Live Version)
3) Death and Destruction (Live Version)
4) Keep Fishin' (Video)

UK(only) CD MAXI Single #2
1) Keep Fishin (Album Version)
2) Slob (Live Version)
3) Knock Down Drag Out (Live Version)
4) Keep Fishin' by the Franklin Mint

note that Maxi single #2's contents are currently in dispute: the single as it stands for sale on Amazon.com and CDnow.com lists as:

1. keep fishin‘ (radio version)
2. slob (live)
3. dope nose (video)

while Amazon.co.uk lists:

1. keep fishin‘ (radio version)
2. slob (live)
3. knock-down drag-out (live)

So, which of the 3 possible line ups is it? is the Franklin Mint version on or off? I'm still awaiting word.

Meanwhile, lucky Irish fans have all this weekend to locate their weez before anyone else gets it! The single is already out in Ireland, where they have a slightly earlier release schedule than the rest of the world.

The UK's Kerrang! mag has reviewed the single, giving it single of the week status, with 4 out of 5 "k's" for a rating. Also, in the new Kerrang! poster special there is a foldout double wide poster of weezer with the muppets on the keep fishin' set. And in their article the "a-z" of rock logos, the example for "W" is the weezer =w=. Nice!

  • video:

MuchMusic Canada: On their weekly top 30 countdown, "keep fishin" is up another 4 spots this week, to #16!

  • radio:

WHFS 99.1 (Baltimore/Annapolis) has an "End of the Summer, Labor Day Block Party Weekend". 3 blocks of Weezer have been heard so far, incl: Undone + Buddy Holly + Keep Fishin', and Keep Fishin'+ Hash Pipe.

...Scott alert: See BassStreet.com for a short but sweet feature on weez bassman Scott Shriner [its about 1/2 way down the page], wherein he talks about his vintage basses and such.

...this comes in handy when the website is under construction...