Karl's Corner - 08/27/2002

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touring: fly home!

...today was going home day, or I should say scattering day, as people flew out to various destinations for a break period before regrouping later in September for new album 5 rehearsals. Some went to LA, others to points east. Crew members Bobby and Derek and I ended up on the same flight to Dulles Airport in DC. Which was cancelled due to mechanical trouble. So they got us on a later flight. Which sat on the runway for 90 min while they searched the luggage bays for the luggage of people who gave up their seats for others. Finally airborne at 3 PM after waking up at 6:30 am to go to the airport, we settled in for a zoned out flight... below, you see us in Dulles, thoroughly burnt out, waiting for our various connecting flights.