Karl's Corner - 08/13/2002

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08/13/02 external firewire hard drives

...today was 'scramble day' in L.A., as everyone was packing, moving stuff around, shipping things out and making lots of phone calls, all in preparation for tomorrow's flight to Japan! [latest schedule is posted below]

Keep Fishin' report:

  • video:

TRL update: well, despite a heck of a lot of voting by weez fans, "Keep Fishin'" was unable to break into the trl countdown this past week. Your votes are very appreciated in any case, and the failure brings with it valuble lessons that will help us out with similar situations down the road in the wacky world of singles and videos. Thanks again to everyone for being on call for the band when they needed it!

Mtv: #7 most played video! [nothing to sneeze at!]
Mtv2: still winning most "Control Freak" segments its placed in!
VH1: #8 most played video! Ranked at #16 in their top 20 weekly countdown, but #8 in terms of how much they are playing it.
The Edge TV: keep fishin is number 22 on the "New Rock" 30
Mtv Canada: debuted at #8 on the "Select" show!
MuchMusic Canada: up to #28 on the top 30 weekly countdown, playing on "MuchMegaHits", and weezer was featured on their Spotlight on 8/12, lots of vintage and new clips from vids and interviews.
M2 New Zealand: Under 'New Release' on M2 (local mtv equiv.), as "gone fishing."
CD:UK England: playing the vid, showed some of the "making the video" footage too.
Pop (Ch. 5) England: played about 45 seconds of the video

  • radio:

reminder: Keep Fishin' requests...
The next week and a half is critical for "Keep Fishin'". Those who can should request it at their local Modern Rock radio station(station list here). The single is doing well, but we're in "make or break" time now, and your *consistent* requests over the next 10 days are important! We need to send a "daily reminder" to these stations that you guys arent satisfied with their usual selection, and that only the new weezer track will do! So if you can, request consistently over the next 10 days and try and help us put this one over the edge!
...Note that several fans have discovered some out of date links on the radio request page, and have sent in helpful corrections which will be fixed asap. In the meantime, let your fellow fans know on the message boards know if you have helpful request info for your area, and keep those corrections coming in, as everything will get updated on the site asap.

Now at #16 on the Billboard Modern Rock chart, up from #17, up from #19

...more station adds:...KLAZ 105.9 in Hot Springs, AR...97.9 wgrd in grand rapids, MI...95.5 WBRU [up to #4 this week from #9 last week!]...88.3 Cleveland (Baldwin-Wallace)["gone into heavy rotation"]...WPGU 107.1 Champaighn IL [ request here!]

Enlightenment Tour RECAP: by the numbers!

Year to date tallies: Ticket counts [# of attendees per tour total]

Hyper Extended Midget Tour: 88,653
Europe Tour: 43,002
Dusty West Tour- 43,194
Japan World Cup Tour: 19,987
and finally, The Enlightenment Tour: 190,144!!

...Total number of peeps who were rocked by the weez so far in 2002: 384,980

Other Enlightenment Tour stats: [...slightly exaggerated...]

Number of hours waiting to leave after the trucks departed: 204
Number of times Brian lost his wallet or cell phone: 93
Jars of peanut butter taken to the bus: 1402
Number of hours it took Graham to announce the showtime over the radios: 2,459
Total number of backstage passes used : 10,249.
Number of backstage passes used by Dan Hadley: 10,248
Number of Waiting For Guffman quotes used: 857,395
Number of different outfits worn by Sarah on a single show day: 14
Number of cigarettes smoked by Korean assistants: 1,548,900

The Setlists by the numbers: thanks to bboarder yellowcamero78 for the number crunching:

number of times songs played...
...from the Blue Album:
My Name Is Jonas - 12
No One Else - 13
Undone - 19
Buddy Holly - 21
Surf Wax - 14
In The Garage - 9
Say It Ain't So - 17
Holiday - 12
Only In Dreams - 12

...from Pinkerton:
Tired Of Sex - 16
Getchoo - 11
No Other One - 8
Across The Sea - 6
Why Bother? - 16
The Good Life - 20
El Scorcho - 17
Pink Triangle - 8
Falling For You - 10
Butterfly - 6

...from the Green Album:
Don't Let Go - 5
Photograph - 3
Hash Pipe - 18
Island In The Sun - 20
Crab - 5
Knock Down Drag Out - 3
Smile - 5
Simple Pages - 2
Glorious Day - 3
O Girlfriend - 3

...from Maladroit:
American Gigolo - 1
Dope Nose - 22
Keep Fishin - 14
Take Control - 4
Death & Destruction - 6
Burndt Jamb - 13
Fall Together - 4
Slave - 2
Space Rock - 3
Love Explosion - 6
December - 3

Others: Modern Dukes - 1

-the most played song was Dope Nose
-least played songs were American Gigolo and Modern Dukes (both were only played once)
-There were 3 songs from the first four albums that weren't played on this tour. The three that were never played are:
Blue: The World Has Turned & Left Me Here
Maladroit: Slob & Possibilities

Total songs performed = 393
Blue songs made up 33% (129 songs)
Pinkerton songs made up 30% (118 songs)
Green songs made up 17% (67 songs)
Maladroit made up 20% (78 songs)

new touring: off we go!
...tomorrow we go to Japan for the SummerSonic festivals! this is the start of about 3 weeks of shows and appearences in Japan and Europe, and represents the last known shows for the weez in 2002.

upcoming weez event overview: (more details to come)
Aug-14 go to Japan
Aug-15 land in Japan (lose a day)
Aug-16 Japan- Summersonic: soundcheck/chill out [hopefully]
Aug-17 Japan- Summersonic show #1
Aug-18 Japan- Summersonic show #2
Aug-19 go to England (continue flying West! around the world we go!)
Aug-20 England: day off and/or interviews, etc
Aug-21 England: interviews etc, possible 'PopWorld' interview
Aug-22 England: off? unknown
Aug-23 England: Reading Festival
Aug-24 England: Leeds Festival
Aug-25 England: off? interviews? unknown
Aug-26 go to Germany
Aug-27 Germany: Interviews, etc.
Aug-28 GERMANY: doing the "HARALD SCHMIDT SHOW" (extremely popular late night show, patterened after Dave Letterman show) Will air on German TV Channel "SAT.1", german viewers can see it from 23:15 - 0:15 CET. note: tickets to the show are very tough to come by, the show is so popular that people wait 1.5 years to attend!)
Aug-29 go to England, plus do "Top Of The Pops"
Aug-30 go to Scotland, do "Saturday Show"
Aug-31 back down to England: do "CD:UK"
Sept-1 fly home (completing the 'round the world cycle)
Sept-2 UK/Europe/Int'l "Keep Fishin'" Single released
Sept-5 Pat and Scott appear on "Loveline"! LA's Kroq love advice show, nationally syndicated!
Sept-17 "The Lion and The Witch" EP released, plus the USA Keep Fishin' CD single released [very limited].

...fan announcement:

Orlando FL area weezerfest in the making: bboard member "mello yello submarine" is starting to organize this event, please PM her to help and/or find out info. So far most details are still in the planning stages, including a date.