Karl's Corner - 08/25/2002

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08/25/02 Dont surround yourself with yourself

touring: day off in London

Bank Holiday Weekend here in London, and a stunningly beautiful day. Rivers headed over to the 3rd day of the Reading Festival to check out some more bands, while everyone else took advantage of the awesome weather to hoof it all over London...and also get some work done, as usual...[more DVD editing action for me, still hoping for a 2002 release!].

...later, Pat grew bee-like wings and started buzzing around the hotel!...

...in other news, at above left is another weezer cover, this time from Brazil where the music of weezer has been slowly gaining popularity and is now a solid alternative fave amongst the music hounds [thanks to Flavia!]...And at above right is the latest cartoon from Pete C. over at weezerisland.com!