Karl's Corner - 08/29/2002

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08/29/02 the surrealist waltz

...photo alert! The BBC Radio 1 website has some nice live weez pix from the Reading Festival, from a different perspective than the weezer.com pix that I put up.

Keep Fishin' report:

  • radio: slipped one spot from #15 to #16 on the modern rock chart. Hmmm...losing steam? You decide! Thank you for your requests!

radio news...92.1 WMAD Madison WI [8/21: #3 on "Madison's Most Wanted" countdown]...q101 Chicago [was flirting with the top 9 at 9 for a while, your requests are appreciated]...WPGU 107.1 Champaign IL [was #6 on 'additup'; also in "Justin and Drew's 107 Greatest Songs of The Summer": 64-My Name Is Jonas, 33-Surf Wax America, 12-Island In The Sun, 05-Buddy Holly]...? FM in Great Falls Montana [starting to play the track, also on the top five at five both pink triangle and slob made it in]...KROQ L.A. [the originator is still playing the track, one listener says he heard it '9 times in one day' several days ago]...Y100 Philly [up to #9 most played song!]...107.7 the end in seattle [their "End's" greatest album weekend" needs your votes...X102.3 Fort Wayne IN [Dope Nose not #7 it turns out, but Keep Fishin getting lots of play1]...99.9 The Buzz (Plattsburgh, Burlington, Montreal) [thanks to listener votes, Keep Fishin' jumped three spots to #6, up from #9]...Triple J radio in Australia [Keep Fishin' has hit No. 3 on the "Net 50" listener vote driven chart!]

  • video:

MuchMusic Canada: up 5 spots to #20! designated as "high rotation"
MuchMoreMusic Canada: up one spot this week to #15
Edge TV Canada: up to #14 this week (up from # 22) on the New Rock 30 countdown, on "10 Large" up to #2!
Mtv2 UK: on 8/21, was number 4 on the top 5 chart on 'Gonzo'
Puma TV Venezuela: recently played 3 weezer videos in a row, "Dope Nose", "Hash pipe", "Island in the sun".
Mtv Brazil: on their Control Freak, both Hash Pipe and Island in the Sun have defeated "some really famous Brazilian stuff"

...press stuff:
The September 9th issue of Newsweek has a weezer/muppets article.

The September 5th issue of Rolling Stone [Asia Argento cover] has a big article on mp3s and burning CD's and such, and Weezer is featured in the "Get the music: Legally" section, mentioning weezer.com as the top "best band site" for free music! thanks RS! [heh, now we just need some new mp3s in the A-V section! soon... soon...]

Also on rolling stone.com they are having a greatest album vote, so vote in your faves!

The Los Angeles based New Times is having their annual music awards, and Weezer is nominated in 3 catagories: Best local pop/rock artists, Best local artists of the year, and best major label album of the year, for "Maladroit." Your vote counts!

The Sept 12th issue of the Toledo City Paper will have an extensive interview with weez bass man Scott Shriner, in the Q & A section. Viewable on the web here.

...some fan announcements:

Weezerfest Dallas: "The date has been set for Sept. 27th, but the location is currently unknown. There will be 2 Weezerfests, one being the get-together to trade and have a sing-along, the other being more of a tribute concert with live local bands. So far Bye Bye Beijing (pongshow's band) and The Gemini Project are set to do the show but I'm not really certain on the status of the tribute concert." For info and to help, contact Deya on the message board, at the boardnames "geektastichic" or "flossie".

Weezerfest Toronto: "Place: Paramount Canada's Wonderland. Time: September 14th. Are you interested in joining your fellow weezer fans for a day of fun and madness at Canada's Wonderland? If you are interested, email us at: weezerca@hotmail.com. We need to determine how many people are interested in attending."

Weezerfest Baltimore/DC Area: "this is bigheadjoe from the .com boards! Our baltimore/dc/va weezerfest is to be held at the Owings Mills Record and Tape Traders in Owings Mills, MD. when: sept. 24th start at 8am. end hopefully around 4pm. why: to celebrate the release of the lion and the witch ep. who: weezerfans! i am told that this store should be receiving 60(!!!) copies of the ep. so we could easily have 30 people leave with 2 copies each and everyone goes home happy!
what: doughnuts in the morning, accompanied by the sounds of the =w=, followed by the ritualistic purchase of said new ep. hopefully to close with an in-store live acoustic show of =w= covers! and PIZZA. lots of PIZZA."

.com bboard yearbook idea: "We could have mock elections, and just have an all around fun time putting it together. Contact nobodyspecial638@yahoo.com for info, and to send in your "yearbook" pictures and names.