Karl's Corner - 08/02/2002

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Enlightenment Tour Day 28: Travel/Day Off

Well, Dallas is massive. And the highways are lined with an endless array of stores, businesses and restaurants. Endless! Everything is indeed bigger in Texas, including my room service bill! Ouch! Serves me right for getting hungry at 4:30 AM. All night video editing can make the stomach grumble. Y'all are gonna like this DVD, ah do beleive. Meanwhile Rivers was busy with solo hotel room demo recordings, delving into the ultra compact world of laptop recording. The Wilsons escaped to the distant suburbs to visit friends. Scott creedled strong as per usual on days off, and Brian was awol as usual on days off.

Keep Fishin' report:

  • single news: As reported the other day, there is a 2 track promo cd single that has gone to radio in Europe and the UK. Now the details of the commercial ['for sale'] version are available:

September 2 is the international [non-USA] commercial single release date for Keep Fishin'

International CD SINGLE
1) Keep Fishin (Single Version)
2) Photograph (Live Version) *

International CD MAXI (UK Maxi Single #1)
1) Keep Fishin (Single Version)
2) Photograph (Live Version) *
3) Death and Destruction (Live Version) *
4) Keep Fishin' (Video)

UK only CD MAXI Single #2
1) Keep Fishin (Single Version)
2) Slob (Live Version) *
3) Knock Down Drag Out (Live Version) *
4) Keep Fishin' by the Franklin Mint

* The live versions are all drawn from the Japan World Cup Tour, and in most [all?] cases are different tracks than the live stuff set to appear on the upcoming "The Lion and the Witch" US-only limited EP. The 'Franklin Mint' version of Keep Fishin' was partially revealed in an unfinished form on the audio video page as "George Hartwig" a while back.

...Magazine action: New weez articles in:
Drum! magazine, August/Sept issue (dude from Papa Roach on cover). Cool 1.5 page interview with Pat on drumming, Maladroit, etc.
Mix Magazine, August issue. 4.5 page article talks about Maladroit work [and other work] with Mixer Tom Lord-Alge and Engineer Chad Bamford.

...fan announcement #1: "...my weezer tribute band, know as Weerez, is playing in Eau Claire, WI at the House of Rock on Water St. from 10:00 pm to bar time on this Saturday, August 3rd. We'll be shakin' booty and makin' sweet love all the night." ---Wayne

...fan announcement #2: "...there is goin to be a huge gathering of .com board freaks like myself before the show in Dallas Aug. 3. We dont know what just yet but we are going to do something special for the guys. So far we are all going to meet at the main entrance at 5." ---Jon-Mac

...Universal Music Canada [weezer's label in Canada] announcement:

On the Universal Music Canada website, there are photos from the recent Toronto show, plus a new screensaver and information on an upcoming competition on MuchMusic - which requires WEEZER fans to vote - takes place this Friday...the details: Weezer fans listen up! Here's your chance to show your support for Weezer! This Friday August 2nd Weezer's new video 'Keep Fishin'' will be competing on MuchMusic's CombatZone. The show places two videos head to head and lets fans decide which one will move on to face another challenger. Voting can be done at muchmusic.com or by calling the numbers on the screen during the show. Showtimes are Fridays at 6:30 PM ET and Sundays at 7 PM ET.