Karl's Corner - 08/15/2002

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08/15/02 don't carry me too far away

touring: travel to japan [part 2]

...so anyway, we landed in Japan and suddenly its the 15th, due to the pesky int'l dateline. One long freeway trip later, we checked in at the hoteru and were soon angling for our fresh faves, Subway, Lawson, and Mos Burger. Mos would have to wait, we were too starving to make the walk. Everywhere the crazy cicadia type monster bugs were making their confounded buzzy racket, taking us back to the Summersonic 2000 days.

Keep Fishin' report:

  • radio:

okay guys, heres where it gets crazy. You guys have been requesting Keep Fishin' a lot recently, and local stations' top playlists are reflecting your hard work all over the country. But its a dog eat dog world out there, and the competition is insane! Please keep up your consistent requests over the next 10 days, and really put the pressure on if you can [without over doing it and pissing the stations off!] Can we put Keep Fishin' into the top 10? NOW is the time to try, because we are literally on the verge of the single stalling out where it is, and starting to drop! Thanks for all your support to date!

Special note for KROCK NYC: Weezer has beaten Janes Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters ,former tourmates Tenacious D and Pearl Jam. Now in The Final Round, they go up against Green Day... Vote Here!
[And for regular requests at Krock: request here.]

[lots more keep fishin radio + video reports coming shortly]