Karl's Corner - 08/04/2002

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08/04/02 I don't want to be a pie

Enlightenment Tour Day 30: San Antonio, TX; Verizon Amphitheater

Main Stage: Sparta, Dashboard Confessional, Weezer
Second Stage: The Special Goodness, Rooney, Home Town Hero, Am Radio

Well, the house was not "packed" tonight as it has been on many nights previous. However, this didnt stop many of the evenings attendees from going nuts, particularly in the pit section. Meanwhile some seated areas were goin off, while others were, uh, remaining seated. I guess some folks preferred to kick it laidback style. Today was the Last day for The Special Goodness on the side stage, and the second show with Scott doing bass duties. Everyone sounded really good tonight!

No official foosball matches today, which is just as well after yesterdays defeat. The guys used the time to hone their skills and, er, work on their foosball drills!

...pic # 26, L to R: random background peeps, The Citizen of Wen, guy who was subbing for Bprend, atomicblonde02, Rivers, mike or mike cool, Indy Atom, more background peeps. not pictured: mendez [apologies]...
...pic # 27, the newly crafted "TWA" [thirtysomething weezer alliance]...

...the first batch of Dallas fans' stories that came in...

  • "...I was at tonight's show in the pit right on the rail over by Brain. I tried asking you to sign my shirt but you said you couldn't. [... I meant I couldnt right then in the pit, the security guys get nervous because a crowdsurfer could come over and it would get ugly...-k] I was wearing a weezer.com shirt that I made. I have to give a hand to Sparta...they were really good and the crowd was really into it considering they are fellow Texans. They did a good job tonight and certainly made a new fan out of me. I just wanted to give them a thumbs up because I really enjoyed their performance! Anyways, down to business....tonight was "so rad" according to Pat and Rivers seemed really into it too. What a rocking night...I don't think San Antonio has had such a display of rock in a long time...We were in desperate need of it and Weezer was the one to bring it! We got treated with a lot of Pinkerton songs and what I like to call heh..all the "smoking" songs. Very cool. Rivers blew me away with his show of rock ability and enthusiasm. I think he pumped his fists in the air several times...I was impressed with this Weezer show more than ever. It was third Weezer show, and certainly the BEST!!!" ---Natalie a.k.a. "Zornat"
  • "...whoa! that was awsome! the san a show kicked major butt! i must have been one of the youngest people in the pit but it was amazing they played soo many good songs from diffrent albums the set list was awsome the fans loved them it was just the best thing ive ever seen dashboard confessional kicked major booty too.. i got chris`s pick!!!! yay >) =w= fan for ever" ---krista f.
  • "...rock was served out in big gulp portions tonight. first off was the special goodness, who totaly rocked the side stage...that atom willard is one badass mofo. i was able to meet him and Scott after their set. both of them are extremely nice folks...scott told me "i dig your pants". i was impressed with rooney...hometown hero and Am radio did their stuff, and did it well. i didnt actually SEE sparta, but they SOUNDED pretty cool. dashboard put on a pretty decent show...theyre not really "my thing," but they have a good live set (at least the group of thirteen year old girls in front of me seemed to think so!). and then...ah, it was the time of the weezer. nice work, boys. keep it up. rivers seemed to be enjoying himself, which was a change from the november show at the freeman colliseum. a rockin setlist, with crazy pyro, and some damn fine musicians. after the encore, dope nose, scott did his mess-with-the-sounds-from-my-bass thing, and at one point, i could actually feel the clothes on my body trembling. rivers promised us that weezer would be back next year, at SA's biggest venue (presumably the SBC center), and i'm holding him to that! if it happens, i will be there, rest assured. good rock, good people, good atmosphere...a good time was had by all. PS- no, really, karl...scott told me i could have that setlist! honest!" ---Scott (sunny=day=realtor on the .com boards)
  • "...AGGH! That rocked the socks off the Extended Midget Tour show last fall. set list=great. the band=better than great. everyone sounded awesome. Special Goodness rocked too, scott rocked on bass. i got to meet him too after the special goodness show and hes the nicest guy ever. i cant wait for them to come back and play "where the rolling stones play" as rivers put it. =w=!" ---Dylan H (BBoard SN - slimpickins)
  • "...San Antonio show was awesome, some people were getting a little smashed and some a little burned from the pyrotechnics (not a very good idea to "bring the heat" to Texas) Sparta was great, cant wait to hear the new cd, Dashboard pretty much rocked the house with their electric renditions of old favorites. Then came the WEEZ totally rockin' and knockin' our socks off! Falling for you as the opener and much little quips from Rivers (who figures he can say something silly and everyone will laugh). Thank you very much weezer for playin' in good ol' san antonio once again and keep on rockin'. (even though we didnt hear only in dreams, holiday, and jonas)" ---allen
  • "...Rivers was definitely ON tonite! He kept getting the crowd involved, and said more the first few minutes of the show than in the entire show the last time round in SA. They played many oldies but goodies, and a great deal off of Pinkerton, which excited a lot of us long term fans. They played "The Good Life," "Tired of Sex", "Pink Triangle" and my favorite song off the album, "Falling for You." The pyrotechnics and in between song grooving made this one of the best shows I'd ever seen. It ranks up there with the KISS reunion show. My bro even got to see Pat's band playing on a side stage, which was awesome. Last but not least, I already had it on cassette, but I added the autographed Blue Album to my collection, and their cool "soccer" shirt as well." ---Marc WEEZER FAN #1 in SA, TX
  • "...I just saw weezer in San Antonio and they tore it up! Never before have I been to a show and seen the fans embraced the band as we did weezer.Rivers was so funny saying things like "don't do drugs",and "the bogie man is going to get ya".They played a lot of pinkerton songs with I love.All in All weezer finished off my weekend in style. Come back to Texas real soon ya here!" ---SAM "NB"-

Keep Fishin' report:

Over the past few years, the subject of "getting on trl" has been divisive for weezer fans to say the least. Some are adamantly against it, some think it would be really cool to break into such exclusive territory with some good music, and others dont watch Mtv anyhow and just dont care! Now, weezer has flirted with TRL in the past with "Hash Pipe", to mixed reaction from the fans. The TRL "machine" is notoriously difficult to affect, as hoardes of fans of todays hottest boy bands, teen divas, rap stars and "cute" punks clog the vote tallys at all times.

That having been said, the band thinks its time to experiment here. The "Keep Fishin'" video popped up on the "wannabe" list last week, and there have been several fan-led attempts to vote Keep Fishin' in the top 10, which so far have failed. Well, weezer wants this week to be "THE week", and is asking all those who would cast their votes to do so all this week, Monday the 5th untill Friday the 9th. Can the fans shove the weez into the countdown, a full year after the Hash Pipe made it? That what we'd like to find out here. Thanks in advance for voting and trying to inject a little weez into the monolith of That Carson Guy.