Karl's Corner - 08/16/2002

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08/16/02 cuz its here that i got to stay

touring: Tokyo: Summersonic soundcheck

...well, everyone is having different degrees of sucess dealing with jetlag, but the common feature is that everyone is getting up earlier that they expect to. We went to Mos Burger to discover they werent open yet, so we waited the 15 minutes till they opened up and were treated to the freshest of the fresh foods. Later there was a soundcheck at the Summersonic stadium location, so we took the van about an hour out of the city and checked the scene out. This is basically a baseball stadium, absolutely massive! How many people are expected? were not sure. We do know that the Hives are playing before weezer, and Guns n Roses (well, Axl and his current band) are playing right after, as the headline act. Its going to be nuts.

...and here's a new mini video clip [mpg download], entitled simply "wee wee wee". Straight from the streets of Tokyo! [right click and 'save as' to d/l].