Karl's Corner - 08/21/2002

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08/21/02 you know where you are?

special show announcement!UK fans! Weezer has just been confirmed as the opening act for the August 26th Guns -n- Roses show at the London Arena! Tickets still available, come on down and join in a major rock event! Tickets available from UK Ticketmaster outlets, also, this website has a link to purchase tickets online.

touring: interview + TV show

...today the band went over to the Mtv studios in London, where they taped an interview with Zane. It was a really good interview, so hopefully it will be shown soon on Mtv UK. It should be aired in the "Gonzo" show. Then we went over to the "Popworld" studios, where they recorded a "performance" of "Keep Fishin'", which should air soon as well. See the pictures for some funny stuff...