Karl's Corner - 08/20/2002

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08/20/02 autotransformer

touring: day off [London]

...thank goodness for this day! No show, no interview, no band activity. Just chillin' out in London (well, also getting some work done!) The walkin' around part of the day included stops at HMV, Wagamama and Pret, so the music and food requirements were very well met. Plus we saw a guy... er, just check the photo...

...ok, this wins the prize for 'strangest thing seen on this tour'...

...thanks to all who have sent in corrections and additions to the radio/video request page, its been updated. And see below for lots of Keep Fishin' news!

...The Lion and The Witch update: see The Lion And The Witch "big page" For a cover picture, tracklisting, and store list of where it will be available. Note that this EP plus the domestic [USA] Keep Fishin' limited edition commercial CD single have BOTH been moved to a September 24th release date.

...UK fans: people who want tickets for the weezer cd:uk performance on the 31st should go to powerhousetv.co.uk. The tickets are free and you can only book them online!

...from Spanish weez site WeezerMIJ, "we're celebrating the first weezer meeting ever in Spain. It will take place in Madrid, in the "Louie Louie" bar, saturday August 24th. We'll have an hour of weezer music, videos and weeztastic drinks (hooray for the white Russian)."

...media watch: There is a photo from the Keep Fishin' video shoot in the September Q magazine, in their "pictures of the year" section. UK/Euro/Int'l CD single release is coming up soon, on Sept 2!

...Sony's new PS2 game "Frequency 2" [a music/rhythm type game] contains an entire weezer level, featuring "Dope Nose"!

Keep Fishin' report:

  • radio:

...keep those requests coming!YOU have been making a difference this past week, all around the country, and we are right in the midst of "make or break" time still!

Here's the local news from stations all over the place: KROCK NYC: [in a HEATED battle with Green Day for the winning slot of their "Battle of the Bands"! Help push the weez back on top!]...Y-100 Philly [It's been #1, currently #2, on the top 7 at 8 for the past 2 weeks!]...94.7 The Zone Chicago [#2 on the top 20! vote here! recently played the song twice in a row due to heavy requests!]...94.7 NRK in Portland, OR [#9!]...Lick 106.3 "Modern Rock for Little Rock" [up to #8 from #13!]...103.7 the Buzz "the midsouths 100,000 watt blowtorch" [in 'heavy rotation']...99.9 The Buzz in Plattsburgh, Burlington & Montreal [heavy requests push it back into the top 9 Buzzcuts of the week, at #9, vote here! ]...105.3 San Francisco [in "power rotation"]...KQID Q93 [fans visited the reluctant station until they started playing it!]...Q101 Chicago [DJ Nikki sez: "Weezer + Muppets = Greatness", also the song is frequently on the top 9 at 9, hitting #5 last week!]...WBWC 88.3FM ['heavy rotation']...98.5 the zone, Western OK [DJ "wasn't even sure they had it", but did play it by request!]...Seattle Mariners baseball game, Safeco field 8/15!...odd note: on X102.3 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Dope Nose is still #7!
CANADA: 104.9 XFM in Vancouver [up from #7 to #6 on the listener voted top 7 at 7]...Edge 102 in Toronto [debuted on the Thursday 30 at #25!]
INTERNATIONAL: Triple J Australia [debuted on the "Net 50" at #13, now up to #7!]...Rádio Cidade [89 Rock], in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [8/18: on their "89 live concerts" series, played 30 min of a weezer live performance! apparently from a recent L.A. show]

  • video:

Mtv2: continues to win "Control Freak"s all the time, recently defeated Aliyah and Seether.
MuchMusic Canada: up three spots to #25
MuchMoreMusic Canada: #16 on their weekly top 20 countdown
Kerrang UK: #7 on kerrangs top ten videos!
Mtv Europe: #5 on the "US top 20" program.
Mtv2 UK: heavy rotation, on the "Gonzo" show. Vote here!
Altarnet Experiment: #2! [an indie/punk/emo version of TRL on PAX. more info here.
Rage TV Australia: showing the video
flyTV Australia: showing the video
TV4 New Zealand: shown on Coca Cola New Release show, plus the Most Wanted show (vote here!)